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Illawarra & Southern Highlands Wedding Videography

Hi and welcome to our page! My name is Mitch & my wife’s name is Camelia, and we focus on Illawarra & Southern Highland Wedding Videography. I specialise in the videography/ cinematography side of things where I am able to capture all the amazing wedding day moments. I have been filming weddings for over 10 years across the country and globe and find it a very humbling experience being chosen as the guy to capture all of your lifelong memories. My wife specialises in editing where she aims to create simple and unique highlight films.

We are lucky to have a great time behind us, not only is it my wife & I who work on creating these special memories, we also have our  second videographer Ben who films with us on most weddings. Ben has been filming for well over 10 years as well and has his own photography business called Ben Spinelli Photography.

To learn more about us, feel free to view the about us page. To view some of the work we do visit the Blog page and to view all of our videos check out our  Vimeo page. If you like our work head over to our contact page to get in touch.

Creative & Candid Videography

As wedding videographer’s/cinematographer’s we don’t just ‘video your wedding’ we strive to capture the priceless moments and memories of your special day. Our goal is to tell a story in a wedding film that will last forever allowing you to relive your most amazing memories and fall in love again and again. 

 At weddings we aim to make you both feel as comfortable as possible that way we can capture all those amazing intimate and candid moments which you will not remember (as the day passes by so quickly).  

Our style of film is cinematic/romantic & fun. Our films all have those three aspects included however they don’t all look the same! We aim to make each film a one of a kind.

If you have a few minutes, take a look at some of our featured weddings on the below websites and feel free to browse my other weddings here