A little bit about me

Hi Mitch Hickman here, I am the owner of Mitch Hickman Films and here is a bit about me. I have been filming weddings for over 7 years across the country and globe. Specialising in Southern Highlands wedding video but also film throughout the Illawarra region and Sydney.

Back in the day I started filming with an Illawarra cinematography company. This has given me the experience and not to mention the chance to film at some incredibly breath taking places over the world, such as: Australia, Europe & Asia.

Working as a cinematographer has now enabled me the chance of creating my own business, allowing myself to capture those incredible once in a lifetime moments that you can replay over and over again.

Telling a story through a lens is something I thoroughly enjoy. Using the natural light together with the surrounding environment to create a unique film for my unique couples is what I strive for.

A wedding day to me is one of the most special occasions in a couples life. To capture those special moments and tell your story is my passion.

A little more about me

My wife & I have grown up, and continue to live on the South Coast of New South Wales. We met at 16 years of age back in high school (yes high school sweet hearts) :D.

When leaving high school I became fascinated with how a camera could freeze a moment in time, by the single click of a button and how the snapping close of a shutter could preserve a memory forever.

This is what drew me to explore my desire to capture memories for others that will last a lifetime.

With Cinematography it allows me to capture these moments which results in being able to share your stories.

If would you like to check out my work, head over to my blog.

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