Back in my home town Kiama to film Clara + Beau’s stunning wedding at the Sebel Kiama!

      What an amazing day this was for Clara + Beau at the Sebel Kiama. They held the wedding in my home town Kiama with beautiful water views. If you haven’t been to Kiama you should go. It is just stunning and you really get a sense of peace and tranquility from being here. It is great for just a day visit or holding a wedding as you will see from this clip.

      This day  was special  for Clara + Beau not just because they were getting here married but due to the sentimental value of being in Kiama. At many times of the day I had a tear in my eye. I must say I was quite honoured to be the one to film this couples special day.

      So sit back, relax and watch the beautiful story of Clara + Beau’s day unfold, at the stunning location only known as The Sebel Kiama.

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