Frequently asked Questions & Answers

      1. Where are you located?

        I am located in Wollongong NSW but I love to travel, so if you are looking at an International wedding or interstate wedding hit me up. So far I have had some fantastic opportunities to film interstate and overseas (such as Thailand & Santorini). I mainly film in the area’s of the Southern Highlands such as Bowral as well as the South Coast.

      2. How long does it take to receive our video’s

        You will receive your film 12 weeks after the wedding but I will always try my hardest to get this to you before the 12 weeks.

      3. Who do you recommend for photo’s?

        Being I have been in the wedding industry for over 7 years, I have great relationships with some fantastic photographers which I highly recommend. Send me an email and I can shoot you through some names. 🙂

      4. Can we have a copy of the raw footage?

        I prefer not to supply the raw footage, reason being is that you are paying for a particular style with the work that I do and the raw footage being un-edited does not fully reflect my work.

      5. Does Mitch Hickman Films have back up equipment?

        Yep, I sure do. I have multiple camera’s, lenses and memory cards. I also have multiple back ups of the footage from your special day located on separate hard drives.

      6. Does Mitch Hickman Films have insurance?

        Yes, $20 million in public liability.