Gabbinbar Homestead, location in Queensland Australia is just something to die for. This is a photographers/Videographers dream place to shoot.

For 148 years, the historic Gabbinbar Homestead was a private residence used by the Governors of Queensland as their Summer Resort. This charming Homestead was renowned for its beautiful gardens, peaceful ambience and warm hospitality. Then in 2012 a remake occurred, changing this amazing location into a couples dream reception area. Whilst shooting this amazing wedding for Sky & Phillip, l I could really get a sense of the incredible chemistry that they shared. This amazing couple were willing to do what they needed to get amazing shots and were just a pleasure to be around.  As you can see from the film, these too lovebirds could not take their eyes off of each other and could not wait to start the next part of their journey as a family.

Therefore with everything in mind enjoy the film and if you would like to contact me to see how you could book me for your wedding head over to my Contact Me Page for more information.