Angus + Caitlin | Bush Bank

It’s always an honour to be asked to film an elopement especially when they are with amazing couples and at a stunning location like Bush Bank Kiama.

There’s something about being one of the few people asked to attend and capture this precious moment. All Angus and Caitlin needed was a couple of witnesses, a celebrant, a photographer, myself, and their trusty dog. Their dog was completely essential. Who else was going to deliver the rings?

Their dog was almost just as excited as me to be at this ceremony. The moment the ceremony ended, he ran up to Angus and Caitlin and wagged his tail so hard that he could have hurt himself. Just like everyone who was there, he was so happy that they were married.

Bush Bank was the perfect place to elope. There was literally nothing but luscious green grass as far as the eye can see. I even sent the drone out to get some stunning visuals for their video, and it took a while for it to reach the coast. Once I saw the ocean, I knew that it would be a great place to get more photos with Angus and Caitlin.

The ceremony was short and sweet. They didn’t mince any words and even completed a ribbon ceremony to finalise their sacred bond. Both Angus and Caitlin choked back tears as they made their way through their vows. But they gathered themselves for when they were finally announced husband and wife.

The biggest question I had was what does everyone do after an elopement wedding? Eat cheese of course. Instead of getting a tiered cake, Angus and Caitlin opened a bottle of champagne and snacked on cheese with their witnesses. I couldn’t think of a better way to spend the afternoon.

I’m sure you’ll enjoy this stunning intimate wedding. If you like what you see, then make sure to get in touch and check out our other videos on our Vimeo page.