Why Confetti for Your Aisle Exit is an Absolute Must!

Why Confetti for Your Aisle Exit is an Absolute Must!

Why Confetti for Your Aisle Exit is an Absolute Must!

Hey lovebirds! Planning your big day and wondering how to make that aisle exit extra special? Let us introduce you to the magic of confetti. Trust us, it’s a game-changer! Here’s why you need confetti for your aisle exit:

1. Bursting with Colour and Joy

Confetti adds a pop of colour and a whole lot of joy to your grand exit. Imagine a rainbow of colours or elegant white confetti floating around you as you take those first steps as newlyweds. It’s like stepping into a fairy tale!

2. Insta-Worthy Photos and Videos

Want your wedding photos and videos to look absolutely epic? Confetti is your secret weapon. The fluttering bits of colour or again whites create dynamic, fun, and totally gorgeous visuals that you’ll cherish forever. Your photo album is going to be off the charts!

3. Fun for Everyone

Who doesn’t love throwing confetti? Your guests will have a blast showering you with love (and a bit of biodegradable paper). It’s an interactive moment that brings everyone together in celebration. Plus, it makes for some seriously happy faces all around!

4. Endless Personalisation

Confetti is super versatile. Match it to your wedding colours, go all white for a classic look, or even choose eco-friendly options like flower petals. The sky’s the limit! It’s all about making it uniquely yours.

5. Good Vibes Only

Confetti is a universal symbol of celebration. It’s all about good vibes, happiness, and starting your new life together on a high note. What better way to kick off your journey than with a shower of love and luck?

6. Easy Peasy

Organising a confetti exit is a breeze. Hand out confetti cones or bags to your guests, or have a few friends be designated confetti throwers. With a little prep and a quick announcement from your celebrant just before you walk out, you’ll have a seamless, magical moment that’s as easy as pie.


Confetti isn’t just a pretty addition to your ceremony; it’s a celebration in itself! The colours, the fun, and the unforgettable images make it a must-have for your wedding day. So, let’s get the confetti flying and make your aisle exit one for the books!

Ready to add some confetti magic to your wedding? Hit us up to chat about how we can capture these joyful moments on film. Also, a massive shout out to Alana Taylor Photography for these epic photos. Reach out to her and let her know we sent you her way.

Cheers to love and confetti!

Mitch & Camelia