Melross & Willow Estate

Samantha + Nathan | Melross & Willow Estate

There’s nothing like filming a beautiful wedding in the great outdoors, this place is called Melross & Willow Estate.

It was an honour to capture Nathan and Samantha’s beautiful day, and it was a pleasure to do so at Melross and Willows Estate. Both the ceremony and reception were held outside. The sun was shining. The birds were chirping. The scenery was just gorgeous.

From the moment I arrived to film Nathan and Samantha getting ready for their big day at Melross & Willow Estate, they were making the most of the location. They basked in the sunshine and enjoyed some liquid courage before suiting up and slipping on the dress.

The ceremony was amazing. To a lot of people, it might seem weird to have a wedding in the middle of a field. However, it was so peaceful and lovely that you couldn’t help soak in the sunshine and watch Nathan and Samantha exchange vows. Even without the sun, these two were glowing despite holding back tears as they expressed to one another their love.

The reception was just as spectacular. Friends and family gathered around a table to enjoy good food, tasty drinks and share words of wisdom with the happy couple. The night was still, and the stars twinkled in the sky as everyone celebrated the end of a very memorable day.

But we just had to light the night sky up before the evening came to an end. So Nathan, Samantha, and I would head out to the middle of the field. We lit up some sparklers and waved them around. It looked like fireflies dancing in the air. It was the perfect ending to an extraordinary day that I will never forget, as I’m sure Nathan and Samantha won’t either.

I’m sure you’ll never forget this video either once you watch it. Make sure to check out our other videos on our Vimeo page and get in touch with us if you want to find out more about us.