Megan + Jeremy | The Book Barn, Bendooley Estate

One of the best parts about filming weddings is hearing all the stories of how the couples got together. Jeremy & Megan’s was no different especially at my favourite location, The Book Barn at Bendooley Estate.

The first time Jeremy noticed Megan, it was from her laugh. He then got lost in her eyes and the rest of her personality. It took Megan a little while to be convinced. She even knocked him back when a friend tried to set them up.

I would never have guessed this when I first saw them at the alter. The two of them were completely mesmerised by one another. They couldn’t stop staring into each other’s eyes and smiling. This chemistry didn’t end once the priest announced them husband and wife either. It continued up until the moment I left The Book Barn at Bendooley Estate.

Once again, this venue was astonishing to film in. The way the sunset over the estate was just breathtaking. I was able to capture Jeremy and Megan in a silhouette while the sun left the horizon. It looked like something I would see in a romantic film, yet it appeared on my camera.

The Book Barn was just as fun to film in. The smell of the leather-bound books filled the air, and the sleek wooden interior provided a cosiness that made you want to curl up on a couch. But no one here was in the mood of reading a novel. They wanted to dance. Thankfully, they got their wish.

Jeremy and Megan got to tear up the dance floor with their friends and family all night long. Fortunately, a lot of the men didn’t dance too hard as many of them wearing kilts, and you know what that means.

I hope you enjoy Jeremy and Megan’s film as much as I did. If you like what you see, then make sure to get in touch and check out the other stories we’ve captured on our Vimeo page.