Joe & Tara | The Woods Farm

Stunning. It’s the only word to describe this wedding at The Woods Farm.

It provided the perfect backdrop for Joe and Tara to tie the knot. I felt like I explored the grounds for hours. I discovered so many amazing sights and even ran into a few kangaroos on my journey. It’s lucky I made it back on time for the ceremony.

What a ceremony too. Joe and Tara could barely keep it together when exchanging vows. They both spoke from their hearts, and it was so deeply touching that I was honoured to be able to capture it on film. The intimate setting was just as stunning as the location and allowed all of the guests to really embrace what Joe and Tara were feeling during the ceremony.

It was also a great place to unwind after the formalities were out of the way. Friends and family mingled outside and chatted over a few cold beverages as well as some tasty snacks. After Joe and Tara were finished getting their picture taken, they were able to join in and let their hair down.

The party continued to the reception, where everyone was able to gather together and break some bread. Family members came up one by one and told some fantastic stories about how Joe and Tara become a couple. Eventually, they would be both have their chance to speak and shared their gratefulness for everyone in the room who made this day possible.

After the speeches were over, the chairs emptied as friends and family jumped onto the dancefloor. But Joe, Tara, and I would sneak away for some final footage where we played with some coloured smoke. It helped produce some shots that I can only describe in the same way I have this entire wedding. Stunning.

I’m sure you’ll find this highlight film stunning as well. You can check it out now on our Vimeo page. If you like what you see, make sure to get in touch with us to find out more.